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Near Infrared Sauna TherapyAnd Lyme Disease

Our Story

Beauty, Quality & Performance

Our founder Brian healed his body by building his own lamp sauna. His fantastic recovery with near infrared sauna therapy inspired the formation of SaunaSpace.

Our artisans handcraft and hand-tailor our SaunaSpace® Products. Your valuable feedback refines our design. Together, we improve the product experience & support our friends, family and community on the path of safe, natural self-healing.

The Healing Journey

Leanne Venier

World's #1 Light Therapy Expert

Leanne is an artist, engineer, self-healing expert and the world's leading authority on the science and healing benefits of Light Therapy.

She has been praised by countless Medical Doctors for teaching them about this healing science.

"The scientifically-proven healing benefits of Near Infrared sauna therapy are well-documented & immense. Every time I use my SaunaSpace I can feel its benefits immediately. Its deep-penetrating, detoxifying heat combined with its mitochondrial-stimulating red and near infrared rays, trigger a profound cellular healing response.

If you're struggling with a physical illness, you'd be well served to bring one of these beautifully benchcrafted, all natural, low EMF SaunaSpace cabanas into your home. You and your family will love using it ... and your body will thank you!"

Leanne loves NIr Sauna

Sauna Therapy

Near Infrared Sauna Therapy

What our customers are saying

Robing Shirley "When I go back and sit in my old far infrared sauna, I can feel the artificial energy coming out of it. It feels superficial. It is not nearly as soothing of an experience or as deep of a sweat as my SaunaSpace."

Robin Shirley, CHHC & TBYH Founder

Shelly and Brian "It's portable and very affordable too! Everyone these days should have one. So important to our health and longevity. Thank you Sauna Space for making such a wonderful product!"

Shelly & Brian, CHHC

Wendy Myers "I am in love with my SaunaSpace near infrared sauna. I am beyond impressed with SaunaSpace and would only refer my clients to detox in the very best saunas available. Everyone should have a SaunaSpace Sauna in their home."

Wendy Myers, CN & Liveto110 Founder