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Our Story

Natural Self-Healing

Frustrated with the lack of suitable consumer options, Brian built his own lamp sauna. His fantastic recovery using near infrared sauna therapy inspired the creation of SaunaSpace. Brian completely healed his insomnia, acne, adrenal fatigue and other toxin-related ailments with near infrared sauna therapy.

The Healing Journey
SaunaSpace Team

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Beauty, Quality & Performance

Our artisans handcraft and hand-tailor our SaunaSpace® Products for a lifetime of pleasant, dependable use. Your valuable feedback refines our design. Together, we improve the product experience & support our friends, family and community on the path of safe, natural self-healing.

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Near Infrared Light & Heat Therapy

Mitochondrial Stimulation, Anti-Aging, Detoxification, Safe Healing

Near Infrared Sauna Therapy

Professional Endorsements

Wendy Myers "I am in love with my SaunaSpace near infrared sauna. I am beyond impressed with SaunaSpace and would only refer my clients to detox in the very best saunas available. Everyone should have a SaunaSpace Sauna in their home."

Wendy Myers, CN & Liveto110 Founder

Genevieve Mama Natural profile photo SaunaSpace hand make their beautiful little saunas right here in the U.S., and they do it the right way…Totally natural materials Zero VOC-rated, Hypoallergenic wood and bamboo, Chemical-free cotton, Near zero EMF tungsten heat lamps.

Genevieve, MamaNatural.com

Lawrence Wilson, MD, Nutritional Balancing Science Expert “SaunaSpace offers very affordable access to my preferred style of sauna therapy, near infared lamp saunas. Their Pocket Sauna meets my specifications for NIR lamp sauna therapy and has a range of excellent options.”

Dr. Lawrence Wilson, MD, Godfather of Near Infrared Sauna Therapy

Robing Shirley "When I go back and sit in my old far infrared sauna, I can feel the artificial energy coming out of it. It feels superficial. It is not nearly as soothing of an experience or as deep of a sweat as my SaunaSpace."

Robin Shirley, CHHC & TBYH Founder

April Abbot profile photo "Saunaspace is a MUST HAVE for anyone who is looking to enhance their overall health. Detoxification is key to optimizing one’s health and Saunaspace has made this possible for anyone to do in their own home."

April Abbot, NC, Inked Nutrition Founder

Jennifer Weinberg profile photo "So many of us can benefit from boosting our bodies’ natural detoxification mechanisms to help us rebalance. A great deal of thoughtfulness and intention has gone into making SaunaSpace's products high-quality, easy to use, hypo-allergenic and free of harmful chemicals so that they provide a truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience."

Dr. Jennifer L. Weinberg, MD MPH MBE

Heather Kneale, ND "I recommend SaunaSpace to all my clients. They are well-made and aesthetically pleasing. With swift delivery and easy set up, they get to my clients quickly so they can begin their healing process. Thank you SaunaSpace."

Dr. Heather Kneale, ND

Ana McCardell profile photo "I recommend this low-cost, high-quality near-infrared sauna option."

Ana McCardell, NC

Dr. Bonnie Friehling, MD profile photo "I've been recommending only holistic health solutions for my patients for over 13 years. One of my primary recommendations is frequent near infrared lamp sauna therapy. SaunaSpace is the only supplier I recommend and I usually direct my clients to their hypoallergenic poplar wood options. Their design is classy and well-built, yet very affordable."

Dr. Bonnie Friehling, MD, Ozonologist

Josephine Holistic Health Consultant Photo "I only recommend SaunaSpace to all of my clients because I know that the company has a lot of integrity and uses only the best and non toxic material to build its saunas. I particularly like the way it looks, and the Pocket Sauna works very well in small spaces."

Josephine, HHC

Shelly and Brian "It's portable and very affordable too! Everyone these days should have one. So important to our health and longevity. Thank you Sauna Space for making such a wonderful product!"

Shelly & Brian, CHHC

Tina Mataya Photo “Detoxification is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and this is where SaunaSpace near infrared Sauna line excels. Their products are of high quality and it is very convenient and cost effective for my clients to purchase the saunas from them.”

Tina Mataya, NTP, Tina’s Healthy Living Founder

James Hopson, Holistic Health Consultant "SaunaSpace offers high quality, handcrafted saunas at a very fair price. Near Infrared Saunas are one of the wonderful ways in which we can restore our health by improving our immune function, stimulate the body in its own self healing, and help the body de-couple heavy metals safely. It is something one can use throughout their life to help maintain health."

James Hopson, OMD

Dr. Hogun Jou photo "I recommend Pocket Sauna to my clients as a good home sauna to improve health."

Dr. Hogun Jou, OMD

Dr. John Anderson, DC " Thanks you so much for a great product.The sauna is compact, well-built, and easy to assemble. I recommend the SaunaSpace to all of my chiropractic patients that have chronic pain as well as the patients I work with on Dr. Wilsons' Nutritional Balancing Program. I Love supporting American Made products."

Dr. John Anderson, DC