Why SaunaSpace

SaunaSpace proudly boasts an excellent customer satisfaction rate from our thousands of customers worldwide. Take our 100 Day Trial and join us on the path to restored health.


NEAR INFRARED WAVELENGTHS, ESSENTIAL FOR LIGHT THERAPY - Our Near Infrared Saunas are designed to stimulate cellular regeneration and anti-aging. The alliance of heat and light penetrate to the mitochondrial level to provide maximum detoxification in order to achieve the results you need.

ZERO EMF WHERE IT MATTERS - We’ve done the work to make sure you’re completely out of range of the minimal EMFs emitted by our light panels when using your SaunaSpace. Our light panels emit less than 2 mG EMFs at a distance of 6 inches or less from the lamp socket, and beyond that the EMF-rating drops to background. While in your SaunaSpace your body is 24-30 inches away from the Light Panel board, safely away from any potential EMF escapees.

RELIABLE ANALOG TECH - The analog tungsten-filament technology in our bulbs prevents decay during their lifespan. That means when you’re using your sauna you can be totally confident that the spectrum emitted is always centered on the same near infrared wavelength band of light, and the power level matches the wattage for which the bulb is rated.

NO OFF-GASSING - Every piece of our saunas are hand-selected to maintain our high sourcing standards. For us that means non-toxic, non-coated, non-treated materials that help you get the toxins out without adding more to the mix.

BEAUTY - With our saunas, the beauty isn’t just skin deep. Our saunas are designed to look just as good as they’ll make you feel. To do this we combine natural elements of wood, cotton and steel to make our saunas looks good from the inside and out.

QUALITY & PERFORMANCE - All SaunaSpace Products carry a Lifetime Warranty that comes from heirloom quality craftsmanship and good design. Every aspect of our Near Infrared Saunas is hand-crafted and hand-tailored for a lifetime of performance.




Professional Endorsements

“SaunaSpace hand make their beautiful little saunas right here in the U.S., and they do it the right way…Totally natural materials Zero VOC-rated, Hypoallergenic wood and bamboo, Chemical-free cotton, Near zero EMF tungsten heat lamps.”

Genevieve, MamaNatural.com

“Saunaspace is a MUST HAVE for anyone who is looking to enhance their overall health. Detoxification is key to optimizing one’s health and Saunaspace has made this possible for anyone to do in their own home.”

April Abbot, NC, Inked Nutrition Founder

“Detoxification is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and this is where SaunaSpace near infrared Sauna line excels.”

Tina Mataya, NTP, Tina’s Healthy Living