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Faraday Shielding Upgrade for the Luminati

Upgrade your Luminati™ (formerly known as the Pocket Sauna) to include full wireless RF protection that only comes with the Faraday™.

Our innovative and patent-pending Shielding System protects you from all forms of man-made electric fields, both wired EF from your home’s dirty electricity and wireless RF from ambient bluetooth, wifi, cellular and more. The Luminati™ and the Faraday™ now have the integrated Bamboo Grounding Mat that’s, so the difference is that the Faraday™ adds in protection from the wireless RF.

With the full Faraday™ EMF Shielding system, you are protected from all the wired and wireless electric field stress so your detox, mito-stim, parasympathetic relaxation and meditative experience are maximized.

Ships in 45-60 Business Days.