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Pocket Sauna Enclosure ONLY

This Pocket Sauna® Enclosure purchase includes all components you need EXCEPT our 4-Light Panel and Sauna Stool. You will need the panel and stool for a complete Pocket Sauna!

Our enclosure is totally hypoallergenic and quality-made for a lifetime of reliable use with sleek, flexible design for the modern mobile sauna enthusiast. Our signature cotton canvas is clean, water-washed canvas: no chemical treatments, no dyes, no bleaching. Curtain and 2 Cover Layers are machine washable.

For effective sauna heat therapy, you need an enclosure that keeps the sauna air hotter than body temperature, or the air will counteract the heating effect. This enclosure holds the required minimum 100°F (37.8°C) air temperature for NIr lamp sauna therapy. The dual-layer Cover design delivers high thermal insulation value for a warm and efficient sauna experience.

Patent pending easy insert Frame Connectors join the Basswood Frame Poles, making for convenient tool-free assembly in minutes. Take it apart and carry it with you anywhere. The trapezoidal design provides plenty of room in a small footprint. Any person, even big and tall, can sit inside and rotate comfortably.

Designed for use with our Near Infrared 4 Light Panel and Sauna Stool.
Included with our Near Infrared Pocket Sauna®.

Ships in 15-20 Business Days.