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Near Infrared Sauna Operation Manual

Near Infrared Single Light Panel Operation Manual



Our Pocket Sauna® Frames have a trapezoidal footprint:

Entrance Width: 52 in
Rear Width (where Light Panel is mounted): 24 in
Depth: 52 in
Height: 63 in

The narrower rear with allows the our sauna to tuck neatly into a corner of the room. SaunaSpace® Products are for use indoors, so they can be installed in just about any room, basement (including on a concrete slab, garage or other indoor location protected from the elements).

Near infrared lamp sauna therapy provides a radiant heat effect, meaning the NIR light penetrates the body up to 9 inches and heats you up from the inside out. Conventional saunas that rely on the less effective and more claustrophobic-inducing conductive heating effect of the hot, humid ambient air slowly heating you up from the outside in.

Our Pocket Sauna® Enclosures meet doctor specifications. The Frame supports the Dual-Layer Cover, which:

  1. keeps the ambient air temperature inside the sauna above 100°F, the minimum ambient air temperature necessary to keep the sauna ambient air from acting as a cooling force on your body as the NIR light penetrates and heats your tissues.
  2. allows you to reduce the ambient air temperature by keeping the door open during your sauna session or by removing one layer of the Dual-Layer Cover.
  3. allows for the Pocket Sauna® to be preheated in 10-15 minutes.
  4. provides plenty of room to rotate about inside, even for the big and tall sauna users.
  5. makes for a lightweight, portable sauna enclosure that is assembled in minutes without tools.
  6. guarantees peace of mind that your sauna enclosure is hypoallergenic, natural and provides a pleasant sauna experience.

Yes!  Our Light Panels may be connected to a grounded outlet on any standard 15 or 20 A-rated circuit.  No need for 20 A circuits (commonly found in bath/kitchen) and no need for any special wiring.

No. The Pocket Sauna® is an indoor product, so it can be installed in just about any room, basement (including on a concrete slab, garage, covered patio, or other indoor location). Our natural materials are select-grade and chosen for durability, and our raw wood and raw cotton parts will last for a very long time if well-cared for and used indoors only. We don’t use any chemical treatments that are intended to “weatherproof” materials, so it cannot be installed outdoors in a location exposed to the elements.


It’s incredibly affordable.  The average kilowatt-hour (kW-hr) cost in USA is about $0.16.  That means that operating a device that uses 1 kW of electricity for 1 hours costs $0.16.

Our most powerful Light Panel is the 4 Lamp Light Panel, which uses 1000 W, or 1 kW.  So even our 4 Lamp Light Panel is totally energy-efficient, only costing an average $0.16 per hour of use.

Compare this to many far infrared saunas that require 1500-2000 W, or conventional wet saunas that use 2500 W or more; that’s so much power that they require special wiring to operate.

Yes! Choose the Plug for your Light Panel power cord: USA (B, 120 V), Euro (F, 240 V), Swiss (J, 240 V), Aussie/NZ (I, 240 V). Be sure to use the correctly rated heat lamp bulbs (120 V or 240 V). No need for a voltage converter.  Refer the Product Page or the Product Operation Manual for exact electrical specifications.

You can use our Light Panels anywhere in the world, just make sure you have the correct heat lamp bulb type.

Voltage is defined as the electrical potential difference and is measured in units of volts (V).  There are two main voltage environments in the world, 110/120 V (referred to herein as 120 V) and 220/230/240 V (referred to herein as 240 V).  Each country usually has one standardized voltage supply, though some have multiple voltages available. USA, Canada, Taiwan, and a few other countries  have 120 V supply, whereas most other countries in the world have 240 V supply, including Europe, UK, Asia, Middle East, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and others.

Wattage is defined as the rate of transfer of electrical energy and is measured in units of watts (W).  We only supply our Light Panel Products with NIR lamp sauna therapy-approved 250 W heat lamps. The 3 Lamp Light Panel uses 750 W. The 4 Lamp Light Panel uses 1000 W.

Tungsten Heat Lamps are available in two versions: 120V-rated or 240V-rated.  Any attempt to use a heat lamp with the incorrect voltage supply will result in immediate failure of the bulb.  We clearly list our heat lamp products as either 120V-rated for use in USA or 240V-rated for use internationally.  All Light Panels and Pocket Sauna® Bundles include either 120V-rated or 240V-rated heat lamps, depending on Plug Type chosen.


Yes. The 3 Lamp Light Panel emits 750 watts of near infrared light and is quite effective at inducing a hyperthermic state when used in our Pocket Sauna® Enclosure. It’s also about 5 lbs lighter and 8 in. shorter than our 4 Lamp Light Panels, so the 3 Lamp model is more nimble and easy to handle.

The 3 Lamp Light Panel is our original model, based on Lawrence Wilson, MD’s original near infrared lamp sauna therapy protocols. In 2013, we released the 4 lamp Light Panel, under Dr. Wilson’s guidance. He has revise his NIR lamp sauna use protocol to prefer the 4 Lamp Light Panel model. Why?

  1. MORE POWERFUL HYPERTHERMIC EFFECT: the 4th bulb adds an extra 250W of near infrared light for more effective and efficient hyperthermic therapy.
  2. FASTER PRE-HEATING: 4 lamps reduce pre-heating time from 15 minutes to 10 or less
  3. MORE DIRECT HEAT TO LOWER EXTREMITIES: the 4th lamp is located below the primary 3 lamps and provides a direct boost of heat to the legs and lower volume of the sauna.  People with “cold-limbs” complaints.
  4. 4th LAMP TURNS ON/OFF INDEPENDENTLY: the 4th lamp is controlled by a separate switch, so you have the convenience of being able to turn it on or off during your sauna session. Some people only use the 4th lamp to pre-heat, while others also enjoy using it during the sauna session. Whether you use just the 3 primary lamps or also supplement them with the 4th lamp during your sauna session is your decision based on your individual preference and needs.

Yes! Following the rotation protocol in one of our complete Pocket Sauna® Products is a very effective means of hyperthermic therapy and it will make you sweat. Depending on your toxicity and individual situation, you may not sweat much or at all during the initial sauna sessions, but as the body acclimates to sauna therapy, vigorous sweating will eventually occur. Of course, the goal is to provoke a vigorous parasympathetic sweat response, which is called the 2nd stage of sweating.

All our Light Panels are height-adjustable along the full height of our Pocket Sauna® Frame Poles, so you can use most any stool or chair. Ideal seat height is 18-22 for most sauna users.

Our sauna stool, available in basswood and poplar, is a must-have component of our Pocket Sauna® System. It has a comfy contoured top and is sanded butter-smooth. The raw solid wood construction features 3-piece design that mortises together, so assembly is tool-free and takes moments.



Yes. Our full product line can be shipped by Fedex International Ground or Economy Express to: Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries as well.

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Pocket Sauna® Bundles ship as 2 packages: one 26x26x14 in box (Light Panel, Dual-Layer Cover, Stool, Frame Fittings, Bulbs & Product Manual) and one 62x6x6 in tall slender box (Frame Poles + Mat).

We ship by Fedex. We recommend shipping by ground service for domestic customers to save the most on shipping. US ground shipments usually arrive in 2-5 days, and the average shipment to Canada takes 4-8 days.

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